10 Jobs That Won't Survive and 10 Jobs of the Future

The Decline

1. Print Journalists: As digital media rises, traditional print journalism fades. 2. Data Entry Clerks: Automation takes over routine tasks, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Continued Decline

Cashiers: Automated checkout systems replace human cashiers in retail. Telemarketers: AI-driven marketing tools outshine traditional telemarketing efforts.

More on the Decline

Assembly Line Workers: Automation streamlines manufacturing processes. Travel Agents: Online platforms make travel planning more accessible, reducing the demand for agents.

The Future Emerges

1. Data Analysts: Uncover valuable insights from big data, a crucial role in the information age. 2. AI Specialists: Develop and maintain artificial intelligence systems for various industries.


Embracing the Future

1. Renewable Energy Technicians: Address environmental concerns with sustainable energy solutions. 2. Telemedicine Specialists: The future of healthcare involves remote consultations and digital health.

The Rising Stars

1. Cybersecurity Experts: Guard against digital threats in our interconnected world. 2. E-commerce Entrepreneurs: Flourish in the online marketplace with innovative products and services.

Thriving in the Future

1. Augmented Reality Designers: Create immersive digital experiences for diverse applications. 2. Remote Learning Facilitators: Facilitate virtual education in the era of remote work and learning.


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