BA courses register highest enrollment, maximum PG students in social science streams: AISHE report

Key Takeaways

BA Reigns SupremeHighest enrollment recorded in Bachelor of Arts courses. Social Science SurgesRemarkable increase in postgraduate students in social science streams.

Demystifying the Data

Delve into the numbers that define the academic landscape.

BA Courses Breakdown

BA in HumanitiesExamine the popularity of humanities in BA programs. BA in SciencesExplore enrollment trends in science-oriented BA courses.

PG in Social Sciences

PG LandscapeAnalyze the rise in postgraduate enrollments, particularly in social science disciplines. Sociology, Psychology, and MoreHighlighting the specific social science courses witnessing significant growth.

Regional Patterns

North vs. SouthUncover regional variations in BA course preferences. Metropolitan InfluenceHow urban centers contribute to enrollment patterns.


Gender Dynamics

1. Gender Ratio in BAExplore the gender distribution in BA courses. 2. PG Gender Shift – Observations on gender dynamics in postgraduate programs.

Challenges and Opportunities

Challenges FacedAddressing hurdles in the higher education landscape. Opportunities UnveiledIdentifying potential avenues for growth and improvement.


Wrap up the exploration, summarizing key findings and implications.


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