Brrr! The Coldest States in the US Ranked 2024

Alaska: The Ultimate Icebox

Unsurprisingly, Alaska claims the top spot, with bone-chilling temperatures that will make your teeth chatter. Explore the frozen landscapes in the coldest state of the nation.

North Dakota: Frozen Plains

Embrace the winter wonderland of North Dakota, where the plains transform into a snowy spectacle. Learn why it secures a high rank on our list of the coldest states.

Minnesota: Land of Lakes and Ice

Discover how the Land of 10,000 Lakes becomes a playground for winter enthusiasts. Minnesota's icy charm contributes to its ranking among the coldest states.

Montana: Big Sky, Big Freeze

Explore the vastness of Montana and its frigid temperatures. Uncover why this big-sky state earns a spot among the coldest in the US.

Maine: Coastal Cold

Venture to the coastal chill of Maine. Find out how its unique climate adds a freezing touch to this picturesque state.

Vermont: A Winter Wonderland

Dive into the snowy landscapes of Vermont, where winter transforms the state into a mesmerizing wonderland. Learn what makes it one of the coldest states.

Wyoming: High Altitude, Low Temperatures

Ascend to the high altitudes of Wyoming, where the combination of elevation and weather conditions earns it a place among the coldest states in 2024.


Wisconsin: Frozen Lakes and Cold Winds

Experience the frozen lakes and chilly winds of Wisconsin. Explore how these elements contribute to the state's ranking on the list of the coldest in the US.

Idaho: Mountains and Frost

Uncover the icy charm of Idaho's mountains and frosty landscapes. Learn why this state secures a position among the coldest in the nation.

South Dakota: Winter Prairie

Journey through the winter prairies of South Dakota. Delve into the freezing temperatures that characterize this state in our 2024 ranking of the coldest US states.


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