Dal Lake: A Symphony of Serenity

Dal Lake's Majesty:

Uncover the charm of Dal Lake's pristine waters, surrounded by the picturesque Himalayas. A true paradise for nature lovers.

Floating Gardens:

Navigate through the vibrant floating gardens adorning Dal Lake, a unique feature that adds to its scenic splendor.

Shikara Rides:

Experience the romance of Dal Lake with a traditional Shikara ride, letting the tranquil waters carry you through a journey of tranquility.

Mughal Gardens:

Marvel at the Mughal Gardens lining the shores, a testament to the historical and architectural richness surrounding Dal Lake.

Houseboats Haven:

Stay in one of Dal Lake's iconic houseboats, providing a unique and memorable accommodation experience.


Lotus Blooms:

Delight in the beauty of blooming lotus flowers, creating a breathtaking mosaic of colors on the lake's surface.

Local Flavors:

Savor the local cuisine while enjoying the serene views, with floating markets offering a unique shopping experience.


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