PM Modi Completes Pran Pratishtha Rituals at Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

Pran Pratishtha Rituals Unveiled

Learn about the sacred Pran Pratishtha rituals conducted by PM Modi, symbolizing the consecration and infusion of divine energy into the Ram Mandir.

Journey to Ram Mandir Completion

Reflect on the journey from the groundbreaking ceremony to the completion of the Ram Mandir and the emotions surrounding this momentous achievement.

Architectural Marvel of Ram Mandir

Explore the architectural brilliance of the Ram Mandir, emphasizing its design, cultural motifs, and the craftsmanship that went into its construction.

Unity in Diversity

Highlight the unity and harmony showcased as people from diverse backgrounds come together to witness and celebrate the Pran Pratishtha rituals.

Cultural and Religious Harmony

Examine how the completion of the Ram Mandir signifies a harmonious blend of cultural and religious sentiments, fostering unity among the people.

Global Recognition

Discuss the global recognition and attention drawn to Ayodhya as PM Modi performs the Pran Pratishtha rituals, showcasing India's cultural richness to the world.

Celebrations Across the Nation

Capture the joy and celebrations erupting across the nation as people rejoice in the completion of the Ram Mandir and the successful Pran Pratishtha rituals.