The most expensive rental markets of 2024

New York City, USA

In the heart of the Big Apple, rental prices continue to skyrocket. The demand for prime locations remains unmatched, making it the top contender for expensive rentals.

Hong Kong, China

The vibrant cityscape of Hong Kong comes at a premium. With limited space and high demand, rental rates in this global financial hub maintain their position among the highest in the world.

London, UK

The charm of London comes at a cost. Historic neighborhoods and cultural richness contribute to the high rental prices. Explore the posh districts that attract elite tenants.


San Francisco, USA

Silicon Valley's epicenter remains a pricey rental market. The tech boom keeps demand soaring, making San Francisco one of the costliest cities for tenants.

Tokyo, Japan

In the heart of Japan, Tokyo's futuristic skyline meets high rental costs. The blend of tradition and modernity creates a unique real estate landscape that commands top dollar.

Paris, France

The romantic streets of Paris are not affordable for everyone. Iconic landmarks and a rich cultural scene contribute to the allure and expense of renting in the City of Love.


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